We seek to deliver improved Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) outcomes through the development and implementation of a wide range of non-financial aspects that contribute to increased sustainability of our portfolio companies.
From the onset we work with our portfolio companies and their stakeholders to identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities through the agreement of ESG action plans which will help create long term value for the company.
PCP embeds ESG considerations into all steps of the investment process from pre-screening to exit. As a condition of investment, PCP will require that each potential investee company represents and covenants that the business of the company will be undertaken within specific principles and policies on ESG.

Environmental performance improvements are a critical area of early value creation and risk management. These improvements deliver significant operational efficiencies and reduce exposure to regulatory and operational risks. 

Social improvements encompass a wide range of activities, from good working conditions and better health and safety for employees, through to ensuring local communities are appropriately integrated and benefit from the growth of the company. Reference is made to the adoption of a grievance mechanism system which allows for individuals, workers, communities and civil society organisations that are being negatively affected by certain business activities and operations to openly dispute the conditions.

Governance activities centre upon improving decision-making frameworks and control processes at all levels, including effective Board and Committee structures, to enhance transparency, decision-making and accountability.

Our ESG Management System is based on international best practice as embodied in the UN Principles for Responsible Investment supported by UN Global Compact and the UNEP Finance Initiative, as well as the IFC Performance Standards. It complies with IFAD’s Social, Environmental and Climate Assessment Procedures (SECAP) and the Dutch Good Growth Fund International Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Some of PCP’s track record on sustainability

PCP’s key ESG related achievements over the years;

  • Farmer training and moth infestation control;
    • Significant increase in quality and phyto-sanitary standard of crop. KK Foods hasn’t received an interception from the EU since 2015.
    • Development, sensitization and use of bio pesticides by out growers to combat the pest issue.
    • Bio pesticides introduced are more affordable than what is on the market, resulting in realization of higher profits for farmers.
    • Increase in yields of hot pepper by 20%.
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables volumes exported have increased from 1,075MT in 2012 to 2,035 in 2017.

  • Global Gap certification and training
    • Increase in yield of vegetables from small holder farmers.
    • Improvement in quality assurance.
    • Impartation of technical know-how to the small holder farmers.
    • Adoption of international product quality standards.
    • Access to foreign market for farmers who have the Global Gap certification.

  • Health and Safety training
    • Empowering of managers and supervisors with knowledge to identify unsafe conditions at the work-place and suggestions given on preventative / corrective measures.
    • Provision of awareness on the responsibility and benefits of an established Health and Safety and Environmental management system to the company, customers, employees.
    • Provision of awareness on the legal provisions pertaining to Health and Safety and Environmental aspects at the workplace.
    • Equipping of managers and supervisors with basic knowledge and skills to train other staff.
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