Our Investments in Uganda

Our success is derived from working with ambitious management teams, providing supportive investment structures and specialist expertise that create high-growth agribusinesses. Our investments strengthen agricultural sub-sectors and use smallholder farmer networks to generate significant income for millions of families across East Africa. The byproduct of this growth is that it creates strong financial returns for us and our investors.

Investment by African Agricultural Capital

Bee Natural Uganda Limited is a honey business located in Arua in North-West Uganda. BNU collects honey from farmer groups and associations across the West Nile region, before processing, packaging and selling it across the East African market. With excellent processing machinery and location in the Ugandan bee corridor, the company produces honey at a quality comparable with international standards. 
Our investment helped the company to purchase processing equipment and it also provided working capital. To this end, the business is will provide employment and a market for farmers in a deprived part of the country recovering from years of war. Over the 4 years of our investment, the business has increased honey production to more than 100 MT per annum, making it the largest honey processor in East Africa.  

Investment by African Seed Investment Fund  

NASECO is one of the largest seed companies operating in Uganda. It is located in Hoima district in Western Uganda and produces and trades in hybrid maize seed. Additional products include rice, groundnuts, sorghum, soya beans, beans and sunflower. Seed is marketed to stockists and numerous NGOs operating in Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan and Eastern Congo.
Our investment has enabled NASECO to upgrade and expand its production facilities and also to implement its 5 year strategic plan for growth. Annual seed production now exceeds 3,000 MT per annum, resulting in the increased provision of improved seed varieties to smallholder farmers (who are its major end-consumers). We have also provided NASECO with a working capital facility to support its seed purchasing from out growers.
NASECO provides employment to more than 200 staff. In addition to provision of employment, the company supports its local and isolated community by: purchasing maize and rice seed from approximately 350 out growers, ensuring local boreholes are kept open for access to water, and acting an advocate for development needs, particularly with regard to maintaining the quality of road infrastructure. 

Investment by African Seed Investment Fund

FICA Uganda is one of the largest seed businesses in Uganda. Founded in 2001, after the Ugandan seed industry was liberalized, it was the pioneer of privately-owned seed companies in Uganda. With 3 substantial farms and a large processing facility located in Masindi, FICA has the potential to produce 10,000 MT of seed per annum. FICA also works with more than 500 out growers to produce seed. 
Our investment has helped the business to repay its major lender on schedule and provided it with sufficient working capital to increase seed production from about 1,000 MT to 3,000 MT per annum, thereby returning to profitability. We expect the business to grow further and improve the utilization of its asset base.

Investment by African Agricultural Capital Fund

NUAC is a large scale farm located in Nwoya District, Northern Uganda producing cereals for sale as seed and food grain in Uganda and the region.
NUAC is pioneering mechanized production of soya, rice and maize in Northern Uganda and is currently farming just over 300 hectares of land. Our investment will provide NUAC with medium-term capital to increase its area under cultivation to over 1,000 hectares and scale up production of crops for both seed and commercial consumption. 

Investment by African Agricultural Capital Fund

Biyinzika Poultry International Limited’s (Biyinzika) primary business is the sale of day-old chicken in Uganda supported upstream by hatcheries and downstream by the processing and sale of poultry feeds. The business has been in operation since 1991 during which time it has established itself as a market leader in the day-old- chicks sector with over half of the market share.
Pearl Capital Partners through the African Agricultural Capital Ltd (AAC) made an initial loan to BEL of US$ 800,000 in 2006 and a further loan of US$ 400,000 in 2009, facilities which Biyinzika fully paid up in 2011. PCP therefore played a key role in getting the business to its current strength and size.
Biyinzika is now in the process of widening its downstream activities so as to become the leading integrated poultry company in Uganda. This is by expanding its production of poultry feeds and production and sale of mature poultry. Together with our co-investor, Voxtra East Africa Agribusiness Fund, our investment of US$ 4.0m is to finance the installation of grain storage facilities and a feed mill which when running will provide quality poultry feeds to the increasing numbers of Ugandan and regional smallholder farmers who are rearing day-old chicks. 8 Miles made a further investment in 2014.

Investment by African Agricultural Capital Fund

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Limited (trading under “KK Foods”) is a Ugandan based company whose primary business is the export of locally produced fresh vegetables and fruits to the European market. Its main exports produce are fresh chilies, hot pepper, ground nuts, bananas, okra, egg plants and which it freights to its wholesale clients in Europe. The business sources its fresh fruits and vegetables from smallholder farmers in central and western Uganda. 
Our investment of US$ 1.5 million is to finance working capital, expansion of cold chain facilities and support further engagement with smallholder farmer groups activities, which combined are expected to propel KK Foods’ export volumes. 

Sesaco Limited is an agro-processing company, processing and manufacturing soy based products. The Promoter, mooted the idea in 1978, started trading at small scale household levels and consequently registered Sesaco in 1987. The business is currently located at Kyengera trading centre, 9 kilometers from Kampala city center, a prime location providing accessibility to suppliers and markets. Sesaco’s flagship products are soy cup (a decaffeinated instant beverage), soy millet flour and soy maize flour.
Our investment of Ush 1.6 billion in Sesaco Limited is aimed at improving the company’s production facilities while stabilising and preparing the business for a larger expansion and growth in the future. As part of Yield Fund package, Sesaco Ltd will enjoy benefits from Business Development Support to the technical and governance aspects of the business
Sesaco Website
Sesaco Press - Release

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